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Was 2016 a Shitty Year? Or Are We the Ultimate Drama Queens ...

Was 2016 a Shitty Year? Or Are We the Ultimate Dram...

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6 Tips For Throwing A Lit Frugal Holiday Party

Overwhelmed by your holiday party expectations? This post will help you work through what you can do to have a "lit" holiday party!

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7 Steps to Enjoying the Holiday Season Debt-free

It is so easy to overspend during the holidays. With some well-thought out strategies (and a bit of honesty) it's possible to get through the holiday season without going broke.

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How to Participate in National Marches Without Going Broke

It seems like people have become a lot more politically active recently. If you've decided to participate in national marches in Washington D.C. this post will help you manage the cost of participating in large scale events that require travel.

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3 Reasons Why I Support My Local Economy

I love shopping locally. This post shares my thoughts on why this is important and my top 3 reasons why I continue to support local businesses.

Philiptaylor article

Philip Taylor of PT Money on the Perks of Bagging Groceries — Make Change

Philip Taylor, founder of the FinCon Conference and community, talks about his first job bagging groceries and the skills that he learned from that job that he still uses today.

Nick loper article

How a Stint at a Fortune 500 Company Helped Create the Side Hustle Nation — Make Change

Nick Loper talks about how his first professional job helped him develop the skills that he uses to grow his Side-Hustle Nation

Stefanieoconell article

Thinking of a Creative Career? Learn How This Millennial Actress Became a Money Expert — Make Change

Thinking of a creative career? Stefanie O'Connell is a millennial creative who makes great money. In this interview she shares how she grew her business and the steps she took to make more money.

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The Financial Educator Who Learned Everything from 4-Year-Olds — Make Change

An interview with the financial educator who learned everything about her current career by working with four year olds as a preschool teacher.

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Learning To Drive as An Adult Has Changed My Life

There are a lot of adults who, for one reason or another, haven't learned how to drive. I share my story about biting the bullet, purchasing a car, and finally getting my license.

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Suck It Up: Participation Trophies Aren't the Problem With Your Lack of Character

We've heard the stories, people are getting fed up with the rewarding of participation trophies. This isn't a new trend and I argue that the real issue isn't the awarding of trophies but a lack of character that's the real issue.

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How to Beat Your Financial Prejudices

Do you hate public transportation? Does the idea of buying used clothing freak you out? This post explores those financial prejudices and discusses some ways you can get out of your own way when it comes to making positive financial changes that will change your life.

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Can Personal Finance Blogs Help You Improve Your Finances?

Personal finance blogs are pretty popular. Are they helpful or harmful to people working to improve their finances?

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How Much? Low-Tech Home Security for $74.95 - The DimeThe Dime

There a number of different ways to secure your home before you decide to purchase a home security system. Do you use any of the practices on this list?

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How Much? Purchasing a Pooch for $173 - The DimeThe Dime

Dogs are incredibly popular in Colorado. As much as we love them-they aren't cheap! Here are the expenses to consider before purchasing your next puppy.